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Slate Roofing

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Slate roofing tile has a long and storied history, and is generally known as one of the highest quality, longest lasting roofing materials on the market. Roman's Roofing offers 2 types of slate roofing:

Synthetic slate roofing materials are natural in appearance, incredibly durable, and easy to install. Tiles are manufactured from a state-of-the-art engineered polymer, fashioned to look like genuine slate roofing, and available in a variety of colors and blends.
With true or natural slate composite, you can enjoy the beauty and quality of slate without the drawbacks of weight and structural support required.

For more information on the materials we use when installing slate roofing, please visit the Davinci (Synthetic) or Brava Tile (True/Natural) websites.


The installation process for both synthetic and true/natural slate roofing is as follows:

  • Remove existing roof down to the wood decking
  • Inspect decking for rot and deterioration (add'l charge if found in deck, fasica or rafters)
  • Flash where necessary
  • Install new drip edge, ice and water shields, starter shingles and underlayment
  • Cut ridge vent
  • Install hip and ridge slate (taper finish or traditional)
  • Install slate, hand-nailed with special fasteners (call for further details)
  • Install plumbing and electrical boots
  • Clean gutters
  • Magnet sweep
  • Clean and haul away all job-related debris

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